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Experience the difference a professional design and graphics company can make for your next exhibit—whether it’s a trade show booth or a display for an office, museum or theater. Many people think trade show vendors, like Nimlok Louisiana, only make graphics for trade show booths, but we actually do so much more. Consider these top five things you didn’t know your trade show vendor could do.


Custom Exhibit Displays

At Nimlok, we create custom exhibits for a variety of applications—whether it’s a sports museum, children’s museum, visitor center, science center, history museum or other themed environment. Permanent or temporary exhibits make for a great visitor experience, and we can help design and build exhibits in such a way that they are engaging and tell a story. We also create themed environments with experiential features to immerse visitors in a one-of-a-kind experience.

Exhibits for museums are often large and should be broken into sections and structured in such a way to help visitors move through the exhibit. They also benefit from the proper use of graphic design elements like banners, signs and labels. Our team of on-staff designers can work with you to create a great exhibit no matter the size of your project. Back-lit wall displays, fiber optic lighting, interactive kiosks, free-standing themed walls, recessed display cases and more can all be used to great effect to develop an exciting learning environment for visitors.


Business Displays

Point of purchase displays and permanent displays are important for any business; they help generate customer interest, increase sales and improve branding. Developing your own display with the help of our team of experienced designers lets you make a lasting impression on customers and helps your company stand out from the competition. Make sure your message is heard and understood by creating graphics, signage, collateral and advertising that reaches your target audience in multiple ways and on multiple levels. We can help any business create displays custom designed for their specific needs and situation.

Office displays are another great way for businesses to take advantage of great graphics. Welcoming guests, improving employee communication, and maintaining a dynamic environment are just a few ways that custom graphic displays can be used in your office to strengthen your company and brand. Our staff works with you to develop displays to meet your individual goals.


Climate-Controlled Storage

There are numerous displays that you don’t need year round, such as holiday displays, trade show exhibits, seasonal displays and more. In these situations, proper storage of your display is critical to maintaining the longevity of your investment. We offer climate-controlled storage space to protect your display and reduce the burden on your on-site storage. Many times, exhibits are bulky to store and take up a lot of valuable storage space; by taking advantage of our storage options, you save yourself a lot of hassle. An In-and-Out inventory system makes it easy to obtain your display when you need it, and rest assured that it’s properly stored the rest of the time.


Production Displays

Eye-catching production displays generate excitement for shows, plays, movies and other events; displays enhance the experience of theater attendees and can make the whole event more exciting and entertaining. We design and make displays and graphics for theaters and other venues, including the following options:

  • Posters
  • Candy displays
  • Concession signs
  • Box office signs
  • Kiosks
  • Freestanding graphic displays
  • Banners
  • Auditorium signs
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Corporate Event Graphics

Corporate events are a great way to launch a new product and bring your event to life, and we can help make the event as stunning as possible. Designing custom exhibits and graphics turns your corporate events into a memorable occasion sure to gather positive attention. Quality products make all the difference at corporate events, and we strive to provide our customers with the best products every time. We use a range of textures, styles and sensory elements to make unique displays that reflect the character and individuality of your company.

At Nimlok, we are more than just a trade show vendor; our holistic approach focuses on producing quality products for a variety of situations. If you dream it, we can design it, providing you with beautiful custom displays for any occasion. Our marketing services are designed to help you make the most of your next trade show, event, display or exhibit.