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Tips for Trade Show Tear-Down

The trade show is over, you and your staff are exhausted and there is still one more thing left to do. Dismantling your booth is a critical time because it’s when damage to your exhibit is most likely to occur as people take it apart and pack it for transport. Protect...

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More Than Just a Trade Show Vendor

Experience the difference a professional design and graphics company can make for your next exhibit—whether it’s a trade show booth or a display for an office, museum or theater. Many people think trade show vendors, like Nimlok Louisiana, only make graphics for trade...

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How to Pick the Right Trade Show

Trade shows are a marketing investment that can provide numerous benefits to your company. Unfortunately, if they’re not well planned they can also drain your resources without providing many returns. Choosing trade shows that are ideal for your business is a critical...

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To Rent or Not To Rent

Your trade show booth is an important part of your overall show experience; it can help you stand out in the crowd and provide information about your company to attendees. Obviously, having a good booth is critical, but should you rent one or buy one? Both options...

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