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The trade show is over, you and your staff are exhausted and there is still one more thing left to do. Dismantling your booth is a critical time because it’s when damage to your exhibit is most likely to occur as people take it apart and pack it for transport. Protect your investment and minimize money spent on labor costs by planning ahead for the tear-down process with these tips.


Include Time-Saving Elements in Design

Designing a trade show exhibit with set-up and tear-down in mind helps minimize the time spent on each of these activities. There are many time-saving elements that can be incorporated into your exhibit; for example, we can add graphics to your booth at our warehouse, usually at a lower cost and with better results than applying graphics at the trade show. Always check with your exhibit company about designing a booth for efficient set-up and tear-down; we can help you create an awesome-looking exhibit without a large amount of complex elements that take a lot of time to put together and take apart, saving you time on the trade show floor.


Use Trade Show Management Services

Exhibit companies, like Nimlok Louisiana, typically offer more services than designing and building booths; many offer show management services to oversee the entire process from transportation to set-up to dismantling the booth. Taking advantage of our experience and resources in this area often saves you both time and money. Our team is familiar with companies that perform installation and dismantle services and can negotiate better deals, as well as knowing which companies are the most reliable. We can also send someone to supervise the process for you, so you have someone there who knows exactly how the display should look and be handled, and is focused on the entire process from start to finish.


Communicate Early and in Detail

No matter who is responsible for tearing-down your booth, it’s important to communicate with them before the show and make sure everything is clear. If you are working with your exhibit company, an installation and dismantle team or your own staff who will be at the show, make sure the people responsible for taking down your booth understand your expectations. Collect contact information, and continue communication with them during and after the show.


Bring the Right Equipment

Brainstorm a list of the equipment and tools necessary to tear-down your exhibit and make sure they will be available. If you are working with an exhibit company, like Nimlok, they are likely to have the equipment needed, but always communicate with them to make sure everyone understands what they are responsible for bringing. If you are doing your own tear-down, then you will need to bring the necessary equipment yourself or make sure it will be available at the exhibit hall.


Label Everything Clearly

Anything that gets torn down at the end of the show should be clearly labeled with some kind of identification which can be matched to a complete inventory list. This makes sure you have everything as you take it down. You can also have a labeled packing sheet to show where everything is supposed to go when packing it into crates and boxes to help make sure everything is packed properly to avoid damage.


Stay Organized During Set-Up

Make sure you have someone supervising the set-up who can make sure everything stays labeled and is put in the proper place. The more organized you are during set-up and throughout the show, the easier it will be to take everything down and return it to its proper place afterwards. This is another reason using a show management service is a good idea; they focus on the set-up and tear-down so that everything is where it’s supposed to be throughout the process.

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Request the Same Crew

If you are working with hired labor for your installation and dismantle team, then request to have the same team for both set-up and tear-down. This is important because then the people packing things up will have seen the way the exhibit was packed originally. On the other hand, if you aren’t satisfied with the team for any reason, then request a change. You are paying for the service, then it’s important that you receive a professional team.


Have a Fresh Supervisor

When your tear-down crew is the same crew who has been working the show, they are tired and ready to go home. Many times this results in exhibit items not being dismantled and packed correctly so that damage occurs during transport. If possible, have a fresh crew, or at least a fresh supervisor, arrive to handle the tear-down process in the correct manner. If you have hired an installation and dismantle team, then scheduling your tear-down for the day after the show helps you avoid having to pay a tired crew overtime to take down your exhibit.


Keep a Supervisor On-Site at all Times

Never leave your exhibit space unattended from the beginning of the set-up process until the end of tear-down. Make sure you have a supervisor on-site during the entire process to keep things running smoothly and handle any problems that may come up.

Tearing down your exhibit at the end of a trade show can be a tiring job, but by carefully planning ahead you can minimize the time and money involved in tear-down while protecting your display from unnecessary damage. At Nimlok Louisiana, we offer show management services to make your next trade show experience less time consuming. We handle all the details so that you can enjoy the best show possible without worrying about set-up and tear-down.