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Standing out at a trade show can be difficult. With other vendors and booths trying to attract the attention of attendees and the limited space available, it can be challenging to create an exciting and unique booth. Doing so, however, is an essential part of a successful trade show experience, so here are some ideas to help your 10×10 booth stand out.

Unique Design

The best option when it comes to booths is investing in a well-made booth that you can use over and over again. While quality booths are a big investment initially, they can last for years and make a positive impression on attendees; cheap booths stand out in all the wrong ways. Choose a versatile design that can be modified to fit different sized spaces depending on what is available; having a booth that converts from a 10×10 to a 10×20 to a 20×20 is ideal because it can grow as your company does. Use your booth to tell the unique story of your brand in a creative and engaging manner. If possible, upgrade your 10×10 space to a 10×20 to give you a little more room.


Customized Swag

Quality giveaways are a great way to splurge. Customized items that people take home are a great way to stay in the minds of attendees and create a good impression. Generate buzz with your swag by going beyond the normal pen giveaway and handing out items that are unique. Choose something that is relatively inexpensive, but still high quality, and customize it with your company logo. Some examples of unusual swag include laptop skins, USB drives (preloaded with more information about your company), sunglasses or headphones; there are many options available, so get creative and have fun.

Another great swag item is a reusable bag to collect giveaways. Many companies hand out swag in small plastic bags, but if your bag is bigger, all the other bags will go inside yours. And if you make it reusable, then it is likely to stick around after the show instead of ending up in the trash.

Cool Technology

Incorporate technology to attract attention and engage with booth visitors. There are many exciting new technologies available that exhibitors can use to their advantage. Robotics, presentation screens and digital signage are great ways to include technology in your booth. Creating a custom video about your product or company to play at your booth also gets people interested. Interactive touch screens are increasingly showing up at trade shows and can be used for a variety of functions from educating customers to showcasing testimonials.

Proximity marketing technology is another way to generate attention; people are sent messages on their mobile phones as they get close to your booth. These messages could be an invitation to visit your booth, special offers or other messages about your booth.

Demo Products or Services

Your products or services are part of what makes you unique as a company, and showing the value of key products or services is important. Live demonstrations are an excellent way to get people excited about your booth and products. Focus on the value you are offering rather than the features of the product and make your demonstration as interactive as possible. Getting attendees involved makes you more likely to attract attention and helps your demonstration stick in the minds of the audience.


Waiting until you are at the show to promote your business and brand is too late. You must start your marketing campaign prior to the show and carry it through the event. Send out emails to attendees before the event and invite them to visit your booth. Create interest about the event on your website by having people vote on the swag they want you to hand out at the show.

Be active on social media both before and during the event, and use show related hashtags to make your posts easy to find. Encourage show attendance and get people excited about visiting your booth before the trade show even begins. Pick an aspect of your booth or product to highlight; for example, if you are going to be bringing a new product to the show, then let people know and give them hints about what it is. During the show, post frequently to let people attending the trade show know there is something going on at your booth that is worth checking out. This has the added benefit of including those people who were not able to attend by giving them a picture of what is happening at the show.

A 10×10 booth doesn’t give you a lot of room to make an impression, but with careful planning you can make a great booth that will create a stir among show attendees. At Nimlok Louisiana, we can help you with the planning and preparations needed to stand out at your next trade show.