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Innovative and unique exhibits at trade shows attract more visitors, giving you greater potential for generating leads. Most visitors decide in about three seconds whether they want to stop at your booth, which means you have only a brief period of time to catch their attention. Effective trade show lighting is one of the most critical steps in achieving that positive first impression that entices people to stop and look. Lighting adds interest and warmth to your display and highlights aspects that are important. These tips offer ideas for making the most of your lighting in creating an effective trade show booth.

Attract Attention

Lighting is a great way to draw interest and increase the number of visitors at your booth. Colored LED tape, moving lights, and up lighting are exciting and interesting ways to make your display stand out. Keep your lighting fairly simple because a little goes a long way with these flashy lighting methods and you want to avoid overwhelming visitors. Put careful thought into using exciting lighting and consider how it will look from across the room as well as at your booth.

Highlight Areas

Use accent lighting to highlight specific areas of your booth that you want visitors to notice. The company logo is usually one area you want to highlight, but business cards, literature and any products you are displaying are also good to highlight. Lighting draws attention to what is important, allowing visitors to quickly take in the information. It is important to avoid using lighting to try to highlight everything, which results in nothing standing out.

Flatter Staff

You and your staff are a critical part of your booth; engaging staff take any exhibit to the next level. Use lighting to flatter your staff by choosing warmer lighting temperatures that create a natural look. Avoid cool lighting temperatures which can make people look slightly blue and unattractive. Also, be sure that your booth is bright enough; you want it to feel warm, welcoming and cheerful. There are many types of lighting options available for lighting a booth, from track lighting to recessed lighting.

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Layer Large Displays

If you have a large exhibit, your lighting needs are different than if you have a small one. Large booths should create the impression of permanence and make visitors feel like they are entering a professional world that has always been there. Appealing to the viewer’s sense of wonder and imagination by creating this impression makes visitors more likely to become emotionally invested. Layered lighting is a good way to accomplish this illusion of permanence. Using accent lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting to build layers gives your large booth a sense of depth that adds to the sense of permanence.

Focus on Small Displays

Table top and pop up displays take up much less space and require less lighting. However, you should still carefully choose the lighting you do use to make sure it creates an attractive environment for your display. Clamp-on display lights are a great choice because they are easy to use and illuminate your message. If your display has multiple sections, such as a tri-fold display, clamp one light at the top of each section.

Accent a Kiosk

If you are displaying a kiosk at a trade show, make it intriguing with great lighting. Many exhibitors leave a kiosk sparsely lit with just a clamp on light. While a clamp-on light is a great place to start, adding LED tape under the table surface or attaching a light box increases visual appeal and makes your display more interesting. Impress visitors with your creativity by adding cool lighting to a small space and get them interested in your display.

Save Energy

Consider using LED lighting for a long lasting and eco-friendly option. LED lights consume less energy than other kinds of lighting, including halogen and fluorescent. They also last longer with some of the LED spotlights rated to last 10,000+ hours of continuous running time. They are a great way to save money on energy, which is often expensive at trade shows. Another way to reduce or avoid paying excessive electric fees is through the use of battery powered LED lights.

Get Creative

The range of lighting options available is immense; going beyond the normal choices makes your booth unique so it can stand out in the crowd. Adjustable lights with straight or curved arms, spotlights, clamp-on lights, bright white lights, floodlights, LED flexible ribbon, track lights and colorful RGB lights are some of the many options available. Mix and match lighting types and styles to achieve a look that fits your display’s purpose and theme. Use the previous tips to help you choose creative lighting that complements your booth and draws attention to your display.

Attracting visitors to your booth amid the many exhibits at a trade show can be challenging, but with Nimlok Louisiana as your trusted trade show partner, your booth is sure to stand out from the crowd. Effective use of creative lighting makes your display stand out and look inviting and engaging.

Whether you have a large exhibit or a small pop up display, lighting is a key component of developing an intriguing display. Nimlok Louisiana can help you to choose the right lighting your booth needs to dazzle visitors while enhancing the transmission of information instead of being a distraction. The sophisticated use of lighting in your exhibit design makes your staff, logo and information look great and makes the booth as a whole attract attention and entice visitors.