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You have selected what you think is the perfect trade show. The audience will be right, your product is ready to market and the employees going to the show are prepared for success in your booth. However, effectively working your booth is not the only way to have a successful trade show. You must schedule trade show meetings.

The odds of having a successful trade show increase significantly when you plan and schedule meetings with trade show attendees interested in your company prior to the show’s start. In this article, we’ll cover valuable tips for successful trade show meetings.

Having Successful Trade Show Meetings

There are three things that can be done to make sure that each of your meetings has the chance to be successful: discuss meeting goals, create agendas and follow-up with emails. Discussing the goals of your meetings brings a consistent understanding of what should be accomplished during these meetings with prospective clients. Creating an agenda and distributing it to those in attendance will communicate what needs to be covered during the specified meeting time. Sending follow-up communication and reviewing what was covered at the meeting will ensure that any actions agreed upon at that time will be carried out accordingly.


Internal vs External Trade Show Meetings

You will probably have both types of meetings at a trade show. For large corporations, a trade show might be one of the few chances where many different stakeholders and leaders can get together to set strategic goals for the company. In the internal meeting that happens before the trade show begins, make sure that a senior employee is there to outline goals for the trade show. It can be a good idea to have contests or games at the trade show to add a little competitive spice to time spent at the trade show.

External meetings are those that are held with prospective customers and clients. In addition, there could be advisory board meetings where people from many different companies meet to give feedback or have an annual meeting with professional organizations. The following tips should be followed for scheduling different types of external meetings:

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Scheduling Trade Show Meetings in Advance

To schedule meetings in advance, reach out to potential clients, customers, colleagues and advisory boards about two weeks prior to the trade show. This is the time where agendas are being planned but schedules are not booked full. Showing initiative and having targeted communication strategies will demonstrate that you are prepared for the trade show and serious about building relationships.


Show Floor Trade Show Meetings

Show floor meetings should be scheduled with an on-site scheduling software. This software provides live updates for meeting times and let attendees choose when they want to have meetings with the exhibitors. Using software takes this responsibility off of your employees who are working the trade show and allows them to focus on the conversations taking place on the trade show floor.


Offsite Trade Show Meetings

Offsite meetings are likely to be with board members, executives or advisory panels. It is important to know what the goal of the meeting is, who should be invited and what kind of space needs to be booked for the meeting. Is virtual conferencing required? Are there enough outlets in the room? Does there need to be some sort of recording or media presence? These are all questions that should be planned in advance for offsite meetings.


Impromptu Trade Show Meetings

Even with all of your best efforts, many meetings may occur without being scheduled. In these meetings, it is impossible to have an agenda or create planned outcomes. However, these meetings often occur because a client sees potential in your company or did not know that you were going to be at the trade show. Make sure to get contact information and follow-up on what was discussed at the meeting.


Coordinating trade show meetings ahead of time isn’t the only way to guarantee a successful trade show, but with Nimlok Louisiana in your corner, there’s no doubt your trade show experience will be a success! We offer a comprehensive range of trade show products and services designed to make your experience as stress-free as possible. Our team of trade show professionals is readily available and accessible to help you with any of your trade show needs before, during and after the show. Partnering with Nimlok Louisiana is the smart way to plan for your trade shows.